Spreading of dichromated gelatin

Répartition de la gélatine bichromatée sur la plaque

Réglage du niveau des plaques

To spread the bichromatée gelatin to a most uniform possible way over plates, we make sure at first that these are perfectly of level on calantes screws in the drying oven. Place a paper sheet in the center of the plate and above put a level of precision. Make the adjustment by placing the level in both diagonals.

The gelatin and the plate must to be the closest possible of 104°F, with least possible temperature difference (no more of 41°F).

Etandage de la gélatine bichromatéeSpread out the gelatin on the plate, either by creating a wide puddle in the center, or by distributing the gelatin on all the surface in a uniform cordon. Take immediately a small sheet of paper or  tracing paper and use it to equalize the gelatin on all the surface. Perfect the operation in passing with fingers around of the plate. Avoid at most to make run at the bottom of the drying oven.
Répartition de la gélatine bichromatée sur la plaque

In shaving light, verify that no dust settles on the plate, who must be removed with a fine point (to avoid the fingers which create lacks of gelatin).

Lower immediately the lid of the oven. Let dry the plate during approximately 3 hours in 113°F.