Who could have thought, at a time when the most modern printing shops were producing large numbers of prints in collotype, that this technique would one day give way to other more productive printing processes ?

Today a large number of printers are unaware of collotype, an important link in the long history of printing. More reassuring, since its development the collotype has never ceased to be practiced either in a few workshops or by a few amateurs.

One may wonder why one might be interested in this mysterious printing method. One of the main ones is that the rendering of prints in collotype is of a very high quality and has nothing to envy to current methods. The tonal scale is very extensive, that is in the dark or clear values. Another, perhaps, is that it can be practiced in a traditional way, without necessarily requiring complex and expensive equipment.

The use as a printing matrix of a glass plate covered with a layer of photosensitive gelatin makes the particularity of collotype. A flexible support can also be used.

In the "technical pages", you access its description. They contain the necessary indications for anyone who wants to learn about collotype, or supplement his knowledge.


You can purchase special collotype ink, photographic gelatins, diazidostilbene - photosensitive reagent instead of bichromates banned in Europe since 21/09/2017.

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