COLLOTYPE PROCESS (material and technical)

COLLOTYPE PROCESS (material and technical)

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  • Who could think, at a time when the most modern print shops producing many collotype prints, this technique should one day give way to other printing processes more productive, despite their growing needs thanks equipment and tech?
  • Today many printers don't know what the collotype, well important link in the long history of printing. More reassuring, since it developed, the collotype has never ceased to be practiced either in a few workshops or by some amateurs.
  • One might ask why that can grow to be interested in this mysterious method of printing. One key is that the rendering of proofs printed in collotype is a very high quality and has nothing to envy the current methods. Another, perhaps, is that it can be done the traditional way, without necessarily requiring a complex and expensive equipment.
  • The use as a printing master glass plate covered with a photosensitive gelatin layer makes the characteristic of the collotype.
  • In "technical pages", you access its description. They contain all the necessary information for anyone wanting to learn about the collotype.
  • In this part of the site, you can buy special collotype ink, photographic gelatin, or collotype prints made in our workshop.


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